Hives in Structures Removal

So you see a few bees coming and going from your soffit? You call a pest control company and they come out to tell you those are honeybees and they aren’t touching them. What do you do now? Maybe you find someone else who will spray up in the hole and kill the bees for you. But do you really know what is going on behind the walls? You may be leaving 40 lbs of honey and 10 frames of brood for pests to infest. Want to attract mice, ants, cockroaches, wax moths and more? Leave it there. OR you can solicit the help of our Hives in Structures Commander in Chief, Mike Hofelich, who has begun removing hives from structures for the Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association.

First, you should know this is a labor intensive process. Not any beekeeper can or will do it, and some may destroy your home in the process. It’s not going to be a free endeavor for Mike to come out and take the hive out of your walls. It’s not free for him and it won’t be for you., but he will do a quality job. He will look in your walls with an infrared camera, assess the size of the hive, and then give you an estimate as to the cost. You then can decide what you want to do with knowledge in hand.

During the process, Mike carefully removes the bees with a vacuum and tries to save them to put in an apiary. He then will remove all the comb, carefully cutting it out, putting it in frames to reuse inside a hive.

We are very happy to have Mike offer this service to the community. If you are interested in having him come out to assess the damage, please send an email to KBA-SWARM-CALL@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM .