OTS Beekeeping Event Registration

OTS Beekeeping Event Registration

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OTS Beekeeping Event Registration

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2019, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., Louisville, KY

We have closed pre-registration to the event, we do have ~ 10 spots open, so if you still would like to come, please arrive and let us know that you are unregistered at the sign-in desk.

Designed for both novice and expert beekeepers, the OTS method of beekeeping is so much more than learning how to raise queens “on the spot” without grafting in your own apiary, it is also a method to control mites, increase honey production, decrease colony collapse, and never have to buy bees again.

Space is limited to 120 seats. We will have some great door prizes too! Breakfast items will be provided.

All amounts donated support the local Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association non-profit beekeeping club to provide excellent educational content and events to the public and KBA members. During checkout, our preferred payment system is paypal as it charges us less fees, but we will accept either payment method. If you do have a paypal account and can use it, we thank you greatly!

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