Swarm Team Membership Consideration

Swarm Team Membership Consideration




ADOPTED ON 01/17/2019


MEMBERS: Haileigh Arnold, Marci Early, Karen Shade, Beth Wagner


Meeting Objective:  The KBA Swarm Team is a group of KBA members who can remove honeybee swarms.  Since there is a significant benefit of being a part of the Swarm Team, i.e. low cost or free bees, many beekeepers want to be a part of the team.  Inactive and commercially-motivated beekeepers have requested to be a part of the team with the only requirement to date as the payment of a KBA membership.  To be fair to those who are active KBA members who are subscribing and implementing the mission of the organization and utilizing the bees for their own apiaries, the special committee met to discuss rules, code of conduct, and procedures and approved them for the 2019 year.  The document will be put into place by group consensus of the committee.


1)     The Swarm Team’s goal is to be a free and fun endeavor to help the community as well as give a benefit to the KBA members who participate. To ensure this goal is met, participation on the Swarm Team will be limited to active KBA members who are utilizing the bees for their own apiary and are not a part of a commercial endeavor.  Inactive members will be consulted when active KBA Swarm Team Members are not available to help remove the swarm.

2)     To be a part of the Swarm Team, the person must be an active KBA Member in good standing by abiding by the following terms in the previous year:

i)      Must have had a KBA membership for a year and be current on membership dues.

ii)     Must have attended a minimum of three meetings or field days.

(1)   If the member was not able to attend the meetings/field days due to KBA approved conflicts, the member must have volunteered in another capacity for a minimum of two additional KBA-sanctioned public service opportunities in the previous 12 months.

iii)    The member shall have volunteered for one KBA event/field day/educational instruction or serve in another capacity such as obtaining supplies or helping with the organization of an event.

iv)    Swarm Team Members will follow the below KBA Code of Conduct fully.

(i)    Treat each other with respect, professionalism, fairness, and sensitivity to our many differences and strengths, including in situations of high pressure and urgency.

(ii)   Never harass or bully anyone verbally, physically or sexually.

(iii)  Never discriminate on the basis of personal characteristics or group membership.

(iv)  Communicate constructively and avoid demeaning or insulting behavior or language.

(v)   Cooperate with and respect the opinions of fellow members, leave personal prejudices out of all discussions, and accept actions of the Board even when personally not agreeing with the action taken.

(vi)  Put the interests of the organization above personal interest.

(vii) Represent the organization in a positive and supportive manner always.

(viii) Promote the rules of this Code and take action to bring the discussion back to a more civil level whenever inappropriate behaviors are observed.

v)     Any Swarm Team member who violates any part of the Code of Conduct can be removed by the Special Committee without warning.

3)     At the beginning of each year a new team listing is generated, and contact information posted to the website by April 1st.  No new members will be added after April 1st unless deemed necessary due to Swarm demand quantity.

4)     Members will read and understand: KBA Swarm Team Code of Conduct, KBA Bylaws, and the KBA Swarm Removal webpage.

5)     Members will use voice phone call as primary means of contact with the public. Text and email are also acceptable means of communication, however, should be avoided when possible.  To avoid confusion and overlap of communication, contact with the Swarm reporter (the public) should only be made if you are available to retrieve the swarm at that time or very soon.

6)     Members who respond to public calls both direct and through the group email will relay actions via kba-swarm-call@googlegroups.com. i.e. “Contacted Mr. Jones and I am picking up swarm” then “Swarm was removed at 3pm 5/7/2018”.

7)     KBA Swarm Team Members will not forward information to non-members for removal.  If a member violates this rule, he/she can be removed by the Special Committee without warning.  If there are no KBA Swarm Team Members who are available or able to assist in the swarm capture, the request will be forwarded by the Swarm Team Chair to an inactive member.

8)     Members will not charge a fee for swarm removals or accept funds from the public.  Members will not sell swarms collected through the KBA Swarm Team.  If the Member can not hive the bees in their own apiary, the member shall donate the bees to the club to give to a new beekeeper or other member who can hive the bees.

9)     Members will have at least 1 prior hive and/or swarm removal thru KBA mentorship or outside experience before actively engaging in work. This includes how to properly identify a hive of honey bees vs solitary bees, hornets, or wasps.

10)  Members who engage in swarm removals will not abandon a job and will see it to completion. This may include requesting additional help from those with advanced skills and expertise.

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